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The Talking Stick is Learning Hebrew

Solo performance work

Text & Music: Ohad Fishof; Narrator: Orly Morag; Avatar: Maya Tamir; Soundtrack Design and Mix: Binya Reches & Ohad Fishof; Lighting Design: Nadav Barnea; Online: Ran Slavin; Commissioned by and premiered as part of  Print Screen Festival 2018.

Centered around an enigmatic text, the piece is led by two characters. Fishof himself is The Founder – part vocalist and part sound-engineer, who operates the sonic environment in what resembles a radio studio. To his side on a video screen is a foggy entity, a narrator from another world, who presents the text. It tells the stories of a place and its inhabitants – the war veteran, the walking-and-reading man, the band, the horizontal woman and others. What crystallizes is a kind of a live radio play, at the heart of which is a unique meeting between language and sound. The story unfolds gradually to include more characters and events, portraying a constantly expanding universe, eternally present, pregnant with signals and signs.